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Water sphere's are the perfect water walking device. A cool transparent device that allows the rider inside the bubble ball to finally walk on the water, and even better you donít get wet while doing it.

Walk, run, dog paddle, roll around on the water and interact with it like never before.

Our balls are made from the best grade TPU and all our balls conform to UK standards, are tested and have an original German TIZIP Divers Zip making them watertight. We offer many sizes of inflatable pools to meet your requirements from 8m x 6m to 10m x 10m and are made from the best PVC Tarpaulin.


Bubble of fun also offer the Boat of fun' ride and again can be used in our various sized pools with the most popular being our 8m x 8m, this ride is perfect for that beached themed event along with shows/festivals and children's parties. Powered by a 12w rechargable battery these boats will give children the chance to sail the high seas in the complete safety of our 'Boat of fun activity'. For more details please contact us via the email link below or visit us at www.boatoffun.co.uk


Once again Bubble of fun have been one of the first to offer a brand new ride named CARZ OF FUN which is a UFO children's bumper car. Powered like the boat of fun by 12v rechargeable batteries this ride will soon become another must have ride at shows /parties and School events. For more details on this new ride please visit www.carzoffun.co.uk


Bubble of fun' brings a unique entertainment to events /shows /festivals including school fetes throughout the UK:

Water Walking - using our 2m inflatable water balls, watch as your show visitors try to walk on water / run on water / crawl on water and just have the times of their lives on water! We're based in Suffolk, but we can attend events throughout the UK.

The inflatable water walking balls are 6ft in diameter, with plenty of room even for tall customers. Once inside, you're able to breathe normally, and by rotating the ball in the direction you're walking, you can walk on water! they provide plenty of entertainment for the spectators, and for people waiting to have a go!

Water Walking Balls in Inflatable Pools

At shows our pool will be surrounded by secure fencing ensuring safety for all, at one end of the pool we will have a 6m very strong open gazebo with soft play mats/cushions which will be used as a orderly queue entrance and ensuring a a very smart and fun activity for all.

We have £5m PL insurance placed with Aviva Insurance.

This is a fairly new product for the UK but from our experience have seen it become very quickly the must see CHILDREN'S ATTRACTION at shows / fetes / Fairs etc across the country.

We can be seen at many shows around the UK and If you are the organiser of a show, and you want to see 'Bubble of fun' at your>event please use our contact page.



Why not hire us for your birthday party, special weekend events, shows, fetes or festivals. Corporate event enquires welcome.

Perfect fun and entertainment for all ages from toddlers to adults. Available anywhere & everywhere using our inflatable pools or your own.

Walk, jump, flip, crawl, roll or just float & relax in it without getting wet!! This is one of the best ways to build up your strength, balance, endurance and itís a lot of fun as well! So, if you need a workout, walking and controlling the water walking ball can be a real challenge. The trick is to hold onto the sides of the ball as you lean forward and walk or run slowly. Just a little practice and soon you will be walking on water easily. The water orb has enough breathable air volume inside for a person to remain inside for a long time, without the need to refill the ball. Putting fresh air into the walk on water orb is easy though. Open up the air intake of the water orb, insert the blower and pump more air in.


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MARTIN on 07961 748547 or email: martin@bubbleoffun.co.uk

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